Aiming for business as usual in unusual times

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Paul Wealls - Developer/ User Evangelist - Builder of Tech Communities - IoT North Meeetup Host

James Nolan – twitter: @jamesrnolan

Covid-19 is affecting us all. We’ve all been through events that have shocked us – they might have even changed the way we lived. As a Californian, two memories come to mind – 9/11 and the ’89 Bay Area Earthquake but we’ve never seen anything like this on a global scale.

We’re all (or most of us are) under order to shelter, minimize contact with others and the places we used to visit on a daily basis are ghost towns (gyms, restaurants, shopping centers, etc).

Home Working

I’ve always been a “work from home” sales guy, so this part of the experience isn’t new to me. The fact that I can’t travel to see clients is a bit concerning but we’re learning to manage. Just yesterday, I suggested that a prospect ship us the machine he was hoping to monitor (it’s relatively small) so our engineers could assess his project’s viability – this is something we would have done onsite, with a pre-sales engineering visit 2+ months ago.

Here’s where things get interesting for me. My business has actually increased! We’re getting multiple requests per day for help automating a manual business process (eg. packaging food) or monitoring a key piece of equipment (eg. water bottle manufacturing equipment). I’m operating under the theory that companies are trying to do more with less and I think we can all agree that idea has some relevance but will this aggressive push for operational efficiency continue post-Covid-19? What new business opportunities will pop up out of this shock to our system? Will events like concerts, movie theaters, and sporting events be different a year from now? I don’t know the answers to these questions but I’m appreciative of the opportunity to make lemonade out of this bag of lemons dropped in our laps.