Vizi-AI Industrial Machine Vision AI Developer Kit — NC Error

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I bought my dev kit recently from and was playing with it using the basic Intel OpenVINO samples. Mainly I was interested in the Intel® Movidius™ VPU Myriad-X and how it performs.

I flashed it with Ubuntu 18.04 as I want to see the performance without any ADLinks accelerators. To avoid spending too much time on the setup I found this awesome accelerator also created by Intel can be found here

To my surprise, this takes care of so many things like OpenVINO install, Python Setup, environment setup… and a lot of other things.

Once done I ran the code but.. what’s the fun if you don’t have to figure out something 🙂 .. when giving the HDDL as an inference device I was getting NC error (NC means Neural compute). This means OpenVINO is not able to find the Movidius™ VPU Myriad-X device on the PCIe slot.

The solution is simple just follow the set of instructions on this page that will help you to get the HDDL drivers installed

I was able to perform the inference at 16 FPS to detect social distancing in a sample video provided

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