Deploying an updated template profile to an existing Vizi-AI installation

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Head of Engineering and Architecture for ADLINK Technology

From time to time ADLINK release a number of new or updated apps for the Vizi-AI, rather than update them manually as instructed here (Updating an app) you may want to use this approach as the following instructions will wipe all content and return to factory settings before deploying the updated template that is being provided. It can be preferable to remove the existing profile from your Vizi and apply the updated model.

This guide will show you how to do this.

To start go to the devices module of profile builder to detect your already registered Vizi-AI, on the Vizi that you wish to apply the updated template to, click the 3 dots (…) on the right-hand side.

Select to “Deregister device”.

The device now shows as unregistered.

And has been removed from your Azure IoT Hub also.

Now we re-register with the updated Profile.

Ensure you are in the devices module and click the 3 dots (…) on the right. And select to Register device.

If prompted please accept the License agreements, this does not always show if a device has been pre-registered and the agreements accepted.

Select a registered cloud service, the one you previously had will be available in the dropdown list.

Enter an alias for your Vizi (as your previous one was removed from Azure you can reuse the same name) and click Register.

Select to Use a template and click Next.

You will see the vizi-ai-starter-kit as shown below in Green. Click Install to proceed.

You will see the Registering device interface when it’s in progress.

Once it’s registered you will see a successful result. At this point your apps will start to download immediately on your Vizi-AI, please bear in mind that this can take some time based on your internet connection.

Use Portainer to view app status. Portainer setup instructions can be found here: How to use Portainer to debug a Vizi-Ai application. You will then be able to continue as before

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