February 2021 Newsletter

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Paul Wealls - Developer/ User Evangelist - Builder of Tech Communities - IoT North Meeetup Host

Read the highlights from GOTO50.ai, we have been very active with the 20/20 Vision Hack which ADLINK and Intel partnered to find solutions to industrial problems using Computer Vision.

The winter break gave us some time to reflect on what a very different year 2020 was compared to what was once normal pre Covid 19.

But what we recognised was that although we had a lot of disruption, events were cancelled, we adapted to home working, we couldn’t see our colleagues, friends and family, we collaborated and communicated more and better than before. We have grown our relationships and made the best of a situation.

The pandemic has, dare I say it, accelerated digital transformation and the adoption of IoT, and the use of Computer Vision.

We have been very active with our friends at Intel with the 20/20 Vision Hack and Phase 1 closed on January 17th with a great response which we cover in detail. We have also been investing in new tools to support the community more and engaging in real time with the ADLINK Livestreams on Youtube, Linkedin and Facebook. Be sure to follow ADLINK Technology to watch future episodes.

Paul Wealls, GOTO50.ai Editor and ADLINK Technologies Developer Advocate

GOTO50.ai Newsletter January 2021
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