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Paul Wealls - Developer/ User Evangelist - Builder of Tech Communities - IoT North Meeetup Host

A Welcome by Paul Wealls, Editor

From Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) to Edge Computing and IoT, our community is the place to learn and share your knowledge and experience.   Everyone is welcome to read the content or join the forum and is free to ask questions, request help, write content, and support others. aims to give you the resources to build and develop your skills while at the same time supporting, sharing, and helping others do likewise.   Together we can grow a community of thought leaders, do’ers, and innovators.  

The ADLINK team discovered that there was a challenge but also an opportunity with Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and the value of incorporating Edge Computing into potential solutions.    As technology naturally evolves, there are always a number of different factors and experiences required to enable the technology to realize its full capability, but also to enable it to become more efficient and easier to use. 

While talking to partners and other users of Machine Vision, we discovered that a lot of time is taken up in connecting the different elements to create an end-to-end Machine Vision solution. Restrictions often arise due to the hardware available. Decisions around these restrictions are often based on the compatibility with the software, to get the most efficient output from the software and also from personal experiences.    We found that the more we shared, the more partners, colleagues, and friends were keen to share and learn too.  

We concluded that the best way we could help the Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Edge Computing communities would be to create a place where like-minded people come together to educate, knowledge-share and support each other, to accelerate the industry as a collective effort.   The content for the site will always be clear, simple and informative. We will ensure that acronyms and other referenced technical jargon are always explained.   

We will have industry specialists contributing blogs, news stories and “how to” articles to help learn from the base level all the way up. We are also looking forward to community members sharing their insights too.


Our blog will hold interesting information about the latest developments in the fields of Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Edge Computing. With industry leading partners and specialists from around the field we hope to provide not only an overview of the cutting edge but also help to clarify what certain technologies are and how they can fit together to form a complete solution.

How Tos

By inviting experts in the field as well as active community members to share their knowledge around Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Edge Computing, we develop walkthrough tutorials to help you get started, if you’ve never used the technologies before, or learn how to optimize a technology you may already been using. The tutorials are given in clear step-by-step formats to make them easy to follow and accelerate your understanding and ability to get you the results you want fast. 


A space to share your experiences through the process with videos, images and code samples from any member, describing the desired outcomes, the choice of components, the hardware, the software, the code created, and if it succeeded. Having projects that hit “bumps in the road” and showing how they were overcome is really something we believe the other members of the community can learn from. Explaining the thought processes and where you went to seek support is really important to share with the community as it can help other members find new resources that they may have previously been unaware of.  

If you have any thoughts on additional areas that could be added to the community please do get in touch with us, at, or via the forum. We are keen for any and all feedback. is your community to grow and fill with relevant content and support via the forum. We look forward to helping the technologists within the industry move forward and, inevitably, create cool stuff to share with the world.

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