How to install VMLink on macOS

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This guide explains how to install VMLink on macOS. The installation process includes setting up a virtual machine as there is no native macOS installer available for VMLink.

Set up VirtualBox

A great virtualizer for macOS is VirtualBox. Please follow the instructions in the video below to install VirtualBox on your machine.

Once you have completed your VirtualBox installation, please download the latest Ubuntu 18.04LTS here. After the download has completed, you are ready to set up your new VM in VirtualBox.

Now start VirtualBox and click ‘New’ (Cmd + N) to create new virtual machine. Use “Ubuntu 18.04 LTS” as name and select “Linux” as “type” and “Ubuntu (64-bit)” as “version” before clicking “Continue”. Choose at least 1024 MB as memory size, but the recommended size is 4096 MB. Now click “Continue” again.

Select “Create a virtual hard disk now” and press “Continue”. In the next step, choose “VDI (Virtual Disk Image)” and again click “Continue”. Now leave “Dynamically allocated” selected and press “Continue” again. In the final screen, select your desired location of the image and the initial size. Default suggestions made by VirtualBox are fine. Finally press “Create”.

Modify VM settings

The new virtual machine is now listed the in VirtualBox main window. Now select the image and click “Settings” (Cmd + S) to open the settings window and navigate to the “Network” tab. In order for VMLink to detect camera streams after installation, make sure to select the network adapter where the ADLINK Data River is deployed as well. Press “Save” once the correct network interface has been selected. Now your virtual machine is ready to start.

Install Ubuntu

Click ‘Start’ to start your virtual machine. A dialog pops up that asks for an image to boot from. Point it to the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS image that you downloaded earlier and press “Continue”. This will start the Ubuntu installation process. Follow the instructions during that process and complete installation of the operating system. Now your virtual machine is installed.

Install VMLink

Once your Virtual Machine has started and Ubuntu has been installed, it is ready to install VMLink. Please follow VMLink setup instructions for Ubuntu 18.04LTS to complete the installation.

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