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Moving from prototyping to production

I’ve built my application using Vizi-AI as my prototyping kit and I want to deploy it in the real world. At ADLINK, we have a wide selection of industrial hardware to suit varied deployment needs.  

ADLINK Edge Vizi-AI PRofile Builder
ADLINK Devices

As an example of one of the options as ADLINK, our latest smart camera, at time of writing, is the Intel based smart camera: the Neon-1000 MDX (https://www.adlinktech.com/Products/Deep_Learning_Accelerator_Platform_and_Server/AI_Machine_Vision_Devices/NEON-1000-MDX_Series). It is 100% compatible with the Vizi-AI. In addition, the benefits of deploying on the NEON-1000 MDX are: 

ADLINK Neon 1000-MDX
ADLINK Neon-1000 MDX

In our team at ADLINK, we use the Neon in our own vertical solutions; such as the Smart Pallet (https://www.adlinktech.com/en/Smart-Pallet.aspx), but the development team could build and test the smart pallet on the Vizi-AI starter kit.  

So now that I have chosen one of our industrial devices, it was easy to re-deploy using the ADLINK Edge software and tools between the devices. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5sCs8W6aQ8 for a walkthrough.