To start with you need to download the ADLINK Edge Profile Builder: edge-profile-builder-

1. Install Oracle VirtualBox (

The ADLINK Edge Profile Builder is supplied to you as a virtual machine presented as an .ova file, this file should be located within your downloads area.

Navigate to your downloads are and find the file called “ADLINK-Edge-Profile-Builder.ova” double click on this file and it will launch the VirtualBox application for installation.

When VirtualBox loads after you have double clicked on the downloaded software, it will automatically open the import utility. We have provided you with all of the out of the box settings you will require, simply click Import to start the process.

A progress bar will show you the current status of the import and provide you with an estimate for completion.

Before starting the VM for the first time you must open the settings area.

Once the settings area is open, simply select the Network tab and then click ok, this is due to the robust nature of our datariver networking for the VM we must initialise the network this way.

You will see an “invalid settings detected” notification, highlighted below in green, this is because we have limited the amount of Video memory the VM has been given.

We do not use the VM UI at all so this is not required to be any higher.

Now we can start the VM, there are multiple ways to run the VM for example “headless state” which runs everything in the background, alternatively you can simply click start.

You will see the VM start up and go through a normal boot of a Debian installed operating system.

Once you see the below on the screen you know the VM is up and running and you can now access profile builder.

Next Steps

The steps for setting up the ADLINK Edge Profile Builder for the first time are documented in Setting up ADLINK Edge Profile Builder.