Removing everything from my Vizi-AI and starting again!!

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Head of Engineering and Architecture for ADLINK Technology

Using Vizi as a development tool, from time to time I find I have a need to return it back to “factory settings” and remove my profile to either return to a previous copy or create and deploy a new one. There are multiple methods to do this but by far the easiest and quickest is to remove everything from my Vizi and then start the registration process again (the registration process can be found here Vizi-AI software.

Before we do that though we need to remove the current profile and all of its settings and configurations at the same time as we are going to rerun the registration process this method also removes the device from your IoT Hub (not the profile).

Deregistering your device

To start with I will show you that my device “my-vizi-ai”, highlighted in green below, is located within my IoT Hub, I am showing you this first as you will see the device disappear once the de-registration process has finished.

Select the devices tab at the top of the screen, find you Vizi-AI and click the three dots (…) to the right of your Vizi-AI.

Then select to De-register the device.

After around a minute, if you click refresh you will see that you can now re-register your Vizi-AI, it is now behaving exactly as it did the first day you received it.

If I also check my IoT Hub you will see that it has been removed.

You can now re-register your device following these steps (Vizi-AI software) and deploy your own local profiles or existing template profiles provided by ADLINK.

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