Setting up an Azure IoT Hub to use with Profile Builder

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Head of Engineering and Architecture for ADLINK Technology

When using the ADLINK Edge Profile Builder you have the option to deploy the profile for your Vizi-AI to your Azure IoT Hub and have Profile Builder configure your Vizi-AI for auto deployment.

This allows applications to be uploaded and deployed to your registered devices. Using this method, you can manage your device remotely.

Don’t have an Azure IoT Hub account? We have provided the instructions here to setup a free account (Setup my own free IoT Hub)

ADLINK Edge Profile Builder runs with the free Azure IoT Hub account.

Azure IoT Hub is optional if you want to use the ADLINK Edge Profile Builder service.

You can also read the Microsoft Azure quickstart documentation (  to help you learn more about setting up Azure IoT Hub.

Copy your Connection string–primary key

Log in to your Azure IoT Hub at . To obtain your Connection string-primary key, perform the following steps:

  1. Locate your IoT Hub by selecting the option for All resources and searching for your hub name in the list.
  2. Open your hub and select the Shared access policies menu item
  3. Select the policy for iothubowner

Copy your Connection string–primary key from the Shared access keys section in the right-side panel.

Keep your Connection string–primary key copied in your clipboard, as you’ll need it to register your hub in the ADLINK Edge Profile Builder.

Register your Azure IoT Hub in Profile Builder

You can manage your registered device management services by selecting the Settings option on the dashboard or the top menu, and then selecting Device management services.

Select the Add a service button to begin the process of adding a new service.

When adding a service, you will be required to add the following information:

Service – The cloud service provider you want to register with, such as Azure IoT Hub.

Name – This is the name we’ll use for your service in the ADLINK Edge Profile Builder.

Connecting string–primary key – Paste your Connection string–primary key for your hub, obtained in the previous section of this guide. For reference, the Connection string–primary key can be found under Shared access policies in your Azure IoT Hub.

When you’ve entered the above information correctly, select Add to finish adding your device management service.

You will see the details you entered appear in the Device Management Services page.