Unable to Discover Devices in Edge Profile Builder on Ubuntu 18.04

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There may be instances where the communication with the Data RiverTM fails and you are unable to discover or register your IoT devices within ADLINK EdgeTM Profile Builder on Ubuntu 18.04. This is due to an incorrect network interface (DDS_INTERFACE) selection on start up.

By default, when edge-profile-builder starts, it selects the most appropriate network interface and configures the aea-discovery-bridge container and the edge-profile-builder container to both use that interface for Data RiverTM and SSDP (discovery) traffic. If the network interface is configured in such a way that the edge-profile-builder package cannot detect it, the incorrect interface may be used and the application is unable to discover devices.

To resolve this you must configure the edge-profile-builder service to explicitly tell it which network interface to use, this should be the same network that your Edge devices are connected to. The following steps show how to configure the interface:

  1. On the Ubuntu host machine open a terminal and use the following command:
$ sudo systemctl edit edge-profile-builder
  1. This opens an editor, enter the following substituting <interface> for your chosen interface:
  1. Save and Exit the editor and run the following:
$ systemctl daemon-reload
$ systemctl restart edge-profile-builder

You should now be able to discover and register your devices.

Note: The Edge Profile Builder OVA is already pre-configured during the build phase, so that it always uses the enp0s8 interface. This is the second NIC that is configured as bridged so that it can see Edge Devices that are on the LAN.

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