Vizi-Ai FAQs

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Senior UX Designer for ADLINK Technology

I am concerned about my Vizi-AI being discoverable on the network once I have registered it

When you start the registration process you have the ability to disable remote setup, check that box and profile builder will no longer be able to detect and configure your device and it will not be discoverable on the network anymore.

I power on my Vizi-AI and can see the video/webcam streaming video but I have no inferenced boxes drawn on the screen

If the Vizi-AI has just been powered on then sometimes the OpenVINO Inferencing engine can take a minute or two to start, this is down to the complexity of the Inferencing Engine.

I have followed all of the steps to register and deploy my Vizi-AI and using Portainer to debug I can see all of the containers running, but in VMLINK it just has a message saying “waiting for frame updates”

This will typically be down to network speed; we would recommend plugging your laptop/PC into the same switch or router that your Vizi-AI is plugged in to and turning off your Wi-Fi.

This is because the web cam is assigned to the app on device start up, unplugging it breaks the link between the Vizi-AI and the App. A simple restart of the Vizi-AI will resolve this.

What browsers can I use to view Edge Profile Builder (localhost:8082)?

We recommend only the latest versions of Chrome for Windows and Linux or Safari for Macs.

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