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Vizi-AI is a Machine Vision DevKIT that enables you to get started simply. Combining  ADLINK plug-and-play hardware and ADLINK Edge(TM) software, enabling an easier and scalable starting point for your Machine Vision EDGE AI projects.

Making Machine Vision simple to replicate to other hardware with your software configuration from Vizi-AI to industrial hardware with the ADLINK software bringing the software and application configuration twin to the production device. 

Vizi-AI is available now

Available on ARROW.com, with a special launch offer price of $199, while stocks last.

The benefits of Vizi-Ai

What’s included? 



ADLINK Edge(TM) – includes 6 Hour TimeBomb ADLINK Edge Apps to get you started.

When you are ready, you can request an upgrade to evaluation license or production license HERE

Vizi-AI Flow
Vizi-AI in motion

Getting started 

1. Follow one of our PC operating system setup guides:

3. Now that you’re ready…

4. Updating or Upgrading the Vizi-AI SD Card

If you have already purchased the Vizi-AI and are looking to upgrade the SD Card image due to an update from ADLINK the intructions can be found here Re-installing or upgrading the Vizi-AI SD card image.

Moving toward production

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Scaling to production

As you evolve your project and start to look to scale it in to production, you can very easily replicate the ADLINK Edge software profile to be deployed on to multiple devices, as demonstrated in the the video below.


Need help? Join our community and follow this link for Vizi-AI support.

What have you made? Share with the community what you are accomplishing with Machine Vision, Edge AI and your Vizi-AI.

It’s great to share, and we are always keen to share content with the community on the website contributed by members, please email GOTO50@adlinktech.com if you have a Blog, Knowledge, Insight or a Project to add to the website. 

We cannot wait to see what you make!

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